Saboro Products


Full Cream Milk

With fat content of 6.0% and an SNF of 9.0%, Saboro Full Cream Milk is high in energy, rich in taste and extremely delicious.

Protein Rich Milk

Enriched with a higher SNF of 9.5% and fat content of 3.2%, Saboro Protein Rich Milk is the ideal drink for fitness conscious people who have an active lifestyle


Tea Special Milk

Saboro Tea special is specially formulated, homogenised and processed to impart extra creaminess and taste to your favourite tea and coffee.

Balanced Milk

Saboro Balanced Milk has the right balance of nutrition and energy which has the rich goodness of milk for your entire family. It is well suited for Tea/Coffee, Curd and Direct consumption


Double Toned Diet Milk

With fat content of just 1.5% and SNF of 9.0%, Saboro Diet Milk is perfect for the fitness conscious, growing children and for the elders because of its easy digestibility


Saboro Healthy Lassi

Our Indulgent range of Saboro Healthy Lassi contain ingredients which are natural. Saboro Lassi comes in two indulgent variants, 'Alphonso Mango' and 'Fresh Strawberry' which contains natural fruit pulp to provide goodness of fruits in the Lassi. Saboro Helathy Lassi is a good source of Calcium and Antioxidants. It not only refreshes you immediately with its flavourful fruity taste but also bring goodness of health and nutrition.


Saboro Healthy Buttermilk

The Saboro Healthy Butter Milk is a 100% natural product with goodness of herbs and spices. It has low fat, no added preservatives and is enriched with Vitamin A and D. It helps in digestion and quenches thirst. Saboro Healthy ButterMilk comes in an original flavour along with two new variant “Jeera Masala” and “Green Chutney”.

Saboro Ghee

Saboro Ghee

Saboro Ghee is prepared using scientific process that closely resembles the traditional process for making ghee at home. We deploy the most stringent quality control processes at every stage right from milk that is directly sourced from farmers to ghee preparation and its distribution. The Mahindra Quality Standard logo is a proof of the best quality pure ghee that's delivered each time.

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